Greater Napanee Ratepayers Association (“GNRA”) was incorporated by Letters Patent on April 20, 2015 as a not-for-profit corporation.  The objects of GNRA are:

The establishment and operation of a ratepayers’ association:
a) to foster a community spirit among the residents of the various regions of the Town.
b) to promote the interests of all of the residents of the Town of Greater Napanee (“the Town”) and to advance such issues with civic and government officials;
c) to research, publish, promote and advance ideas for more effective governance of the Town;
d) to promote fairness and transparency with respect to policies of municipal government;
e) to promote cooperation and communication among members in the different regions of the Town, among civic officials and the public generally;
f) to establish and maintain one or more websites, on-line groups or blogs for communication among members, with civic and government officials and with the public
g) to provide a forum for members to meet and exchange ideas;
h) to establish an informal liason with elected municipal representatives;
i) to build municipal leadership skills and knowledge among members;
j) to acknowledge and celebrate municipal leadership achievements within the community;
and for such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.

The initial directors are:

Hubert Hogle  532-3672  hogles2@yahoo.ca

Dennis Mills 354-6375  d.smills@sympatico.ca

Arthur Ronald 354-4291  brodick1960@gmail.com


During May and June we will be finalizing our directors and executive and developing a procedure by-law which will be published here. Any resident or taxpayer of Greater Napanee who wishes to become involved should contact us at 613-308-9760  or napaneeratepayers@g-mail.com

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