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Cemetery headstones by the river in the spring  Casualty Record Detail

Until the 1990s Ontario had no plan for maintaining closed or abandoned cemeteries. Then, the good people at Queen’s Park came up with an innovative solution – just dump the whole mess on the local municipalities. Over the years, this has become an increasing burden to local taxpayers.

There are approximately 70 private and publicly-owned cemeteries on record within Greater Napanee,  the majority of which are inactive or abandoned. The Town maintains 12 of them. These vary in size with the largest being Riverview Cemetery at approximately 6.5 acres.  In 2015, the Town also assumed some maintenance activities at the Riverside Cemetery which is the largest in Town. This was done despite the fact that Riverside Cemetery still has large reserves in it’s perpetual care fund.  Requests for maintenance support on other cemeteries are occurring on an annual basis. There are no active cemeteries owned and administered by the Town. All funds to maintain these cemeteries comes from taxes. The Town receives no revenue for maintenance activities from any other source.

Thank you, Queen’s Park.

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