Napanee Ratepayers Association started building this website from scratch on May 15, 2015. It’s been quite a job and it’s far from finished.  In fact, we regard it as just a shell to which all taxpayers and residents can contribute and comment.  We hope as many as possible will post comments here on any matters of concern with our municipal governance.

Remember, our purpose is to suggest ways our municipal governance can be improved. If your suggestion involves spending money, estimate what your suggestion would cost and how it would be funded. If funded out of general tax revenue, a rule of thumb is a $500,000 expediture causes a 5% increase in Town taxes or a 2% increase in overall taxes.  And please submit ideas for ways spending could be reduced without affecting services. Examples would be contracting out services which could be more efficiently provided by the private sector.  Another might be paying staff mileage to use their own vehicles rather than having a fleet on standby in the compound at 12 Commercial Court.  Or not…  Let us hear from you.


Also, let us know what you think of our website.


When we get a little more feedback (and a bit more time), we’ll be adding blogs to many of the pages on this site so you can comment on any topic or even suggest new ones.


Comments may be summarized and used to create additional content on each section. So, let’s hear from everyone.


Comments may not appear immediately as they must be approved by the moderator.



Your chance to be heard

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