Let’s all congratulate our new council!
Mayor: Marg Isbester

Deputy Mayor: Max Kaiser

Ward 1: John McCormack

Ward 2: Terry Richardson

Ward 3: Dave Pinnell Jr.

Ward 4: Bob Norrie

Ward 5: Ellen Johnson

Clerk’s Certificate of Results is here.

It’s a new day. This is the biggest change to council since amalgamation and it’s a great chance for a fresh start.  our new council will face many challenges in the next 4 years and I’m optimistic that our Town will see change for the better.

Thanks too to the 17 candidates who ran good campaigns but didn’t quite make it. It takes a tremendous effort to mount a campaign and we know it’s exhausting. We hope that every single one of you keeps on contributing.

GNRA began on April 20, 2015. We maintain this website and an associated facebook Group with 712 members and growing.   During the past 28 days, 594 of our members reacted 2,900 times by contributing a post, commenting on a post or reacting to a post.  Please keep sharing thoughts and ideas.

If you have any suggestions, send it to us at napaneeratepayers@gmail.com or post in our facebook group. Some pages on our website are out of date and we’re working to rebuilt them.

The purpose of Greater Napanee Ratepayers Association is to represent, promote and protect the interests of all of the residents of the Town of Greater Napanee, to promote fair tax policy and better governance of our Town and provide a forum for all residents and ratepayers of the Town of Greater Napanee to express concerns about our governance and contribute ideas, comments and suggestions for improvements.

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There is no cost to join and/or receive our newletters by e-mail. Everyone is welcome to contribute content.  Just click on Make Comments Here at the top of any page to post a comment on any issue on this website. We’ve only been up since May 17, 2015 and we’re anxious to build content on issues of interest to everyone in the Town of Greater Napanee.  Shortly, we’ll be adding blogs on each page which will allow you to contribute on-line. We’ll also be adding a module which will let you join on-line and receive our free newsletter.  In the meantime, just send an e-mail to napaneeratepayers@gmail.com to get our newsletter.

Hubert Hogle 532-3672

Dennis Mills 354-6375

Arthur Ronald 354-4291

We have added six additional directors, John Wilson, Judy Wood, John Stinson, Briane Birney, Suzy Sheltler and Anne Hogle.  All residents and taxpayers in Greater Napanee are welcome to become members and all interested parties are welcome to receive our regular newsletters and contribute content to the website. If you are interested in serving as a director, let us know.

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