Why our Rates went up in 2015:

For years, “infiltration” of the sewer system has been a problem and a lot of effort has gone into separating storm and sanitary drains.  The purpose was to avoid overloading the sewer system during heavy rains and delay expansion of the sewer plant for as long as possible. Despite this, many parking lots, downspouts and sump pumps in the older section still drain into the sanitary sewer and a very expensive upgrade of the sewer plant is now planned.

(This capital cost will be paid by the users of the system as has always been the case. The water-sewer system has always been 100% funded by user charges.)

For years, property owners have been encouraged to cut consumption.  And they did.  Landlords installed low flow shower heads and 6 liter toilets and actively monitored leakages.  In 2015, staff announced that a large increase in rates was necessary to compensate for falling consumption.

The usual Staff Recommendation was  made.  Council accepted it.

 By-law 2015-0015  was passed setting 2015 rates.

Bylaw [to be filled in later] sets 2016 rates.

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