Open Letter to Premier Wynne

Open Letter to Honourable Kathleen Wynne:


Dear Ms. Wynne:

Re: Cap and Trade – Rising Natural Gas and Fuel Prices

Thank you for being so concerned for the future of our province regarding the environment. I believe that in the long term, your plan will work ….. because we will all freeze to death in our homes and then the environment will not have to deal with pesky humans.

I think I should point out to you that there is more to Ontario than just the GTA and we do not have the luxury of parking our cars and using public transit. We must use gas in order to get to work, visit our grandchildren, drive to the nearest doctor or hospital half an hour or more away because you do not seem to take the doctor shortage seriously. We must heat our homes in the winter and believe me, it gets colder the farther away from the GTA that we get. Governments have spent decades convincing us to change our homes from oil and electric to natural gas in order to protect the environment and save money. Now, you will raise that cost even more than it has already gone up simply to put a tax on already overtaxed services. 


Do you really think that we are dumb enough to believe that you will reinvest all these carbon taxes into saving the environment??!!!

Those of us in our “golden years” have lived long enough to watch all the misguided attempts to save the environment: we gave up paper bags to save trees then gave up plastic bags to cut back on landfills. (now we must worry about the germs that stick around in our reuseable grocery bags, making us sick and putting a greater strain on our health system); we gave up incandescent light bulbs to save the environment and use less energy, only to now have to give up flourescent lights because they poison the environment and we must change to more expensive LED lights.

We have followed blindly as one bright idea after another has forced change in the name of the environment only to prove in time to have been just as misguided as the original issue.

You need money… we all understand that. We know that governments, especially liberals, are only interested in sustaining their place and increasing their take; growing their employee base. Please find ways to free up more money, like maybe fewer lifetime benefits for yourselves? and trust us to do our best to conserve and save the environment. We have children and grandchildren. We want them to have a place to live when we are long gone.

We have turned our thermostats down as low as possible, we have accepted smart meters (another huge waste), we conserved water so well that in some regions we saw our prices go up because we were not using enough water, we have bought the most fuel efficient vehicles we can.

We have been doing our part to cut down on our carbon footprints, (whatever that is), now show us that you are less concerned with raising more money and more concerned with saving the environment and stop putting sin taxes on necessities of life for those of us outside the GTA!  Further more, Toronto and the greater GTA have the LOWEST MILL RATES of all of Ontario.   It is time to give some money to the rest of the smaller Cities and Municipalities instead of the place where YOU live.

Your Name Here

Napanee Ontario.

Thanks to David Patterson who sent us this letter
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