To what extent should a municipality be in the real estate business? Should a municipality develop an industrial park? How about a subdivision?  Should a municipality become a major landlord? 

No one disputes that the ownership and rental or buildings or fields for youth services and recreation is proper. Much of Greater Napanee’s rental income is from rental of ball diamonds, soccer fields, ice pads and meeting rooms.

What about the other rentals?  Should Greater Napanee be in the rental property business?

Do we need a Town Hall, SPC and five (count them, five) Township Halls?

11 Market Square


It was built as a police station in the 1980s.  For years, after Napanee Police Force was disbanded around 1995, it was underused or at times empty.  It’s now rented to the radio station. Does it make money?  Has anyone asked?

13 Market Square


It used to be a fire hall. The fire bell tower is still there. But it’s not accessible. The 1st floor is rented to a lawyer & paralegal; the second floor is rented to Prestige Dance Academy.

Does is make money?

Parts of Our Arena are rented to private businesses. One part is rented to AM Sports which sells hockey equipment. Other parts are rented to a physiotherapist and Richmond Fitness. The banquet hall and a meeting room are also rented by the day. Tenants advertise on Our $130,000 Flashing Sign.

Old CN Train Station, 301 John St which is a heritage building. The Town has an operating and lease agreement with Via Rail. The waiting room is opened electronically prior to train arrivals.  Staff clean the washrooms daily and maintain the grounds.

At one time the unused portion was leased to Workshop Wizard, which moved out in 2013.

See report August 30, 2013 which sets out the operating costs for this building.

Now it sits vacant.

37 Dundas East (former library)

It’s leased too..

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